Addictive Fishing with Blair Wiggins

Beavertail Skiffs Welcomes Capt. Blair Wiggins and Addictive Fishing

We couldn't be happier to welcome The Mogan Man, Capt. Blair Wiggins and Addictive Fishing to the Beavertail Skiffs Family. Capt. Wiggins is the proud new owner of both a Beavertail Vengeance and Beavertail Air, which will be featured in upcoming episodes of Addictive Fishing's successful fishing shows.

Learn from Capt. Wiggins as he poles and stalks gamefish in the skinniest of waters and targets some true Mogans!

This boat is so quiet, it’s the quietest boat I’ve ever been in and been poled around on or have poled. Unbelievable! We’re in a 6-8” chop right now and this thing is absolutely dead silent - that’s why this fish ate two feet from the boat. Unbelievable! I can’t believe that fish ate so close!!