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My name is Captain Bailey Short and I am a Baton Rouge, Louisiana native. I own and operate Southern Flats: Louisiana Fly Fishing, a fly fishing charter service on the Louisiana coast. I have fished Southern Louisiana all of my life and Sight fishing for Redfish of all sizes, Black Drum and Sheepshead on the fly is the name of the game. Getting to show people my home waters, the landscape, wildlife, and of course the exceptional fishing is my passion. Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping an angler land his or her first Louisiana Redfish on fly, and that feeling doesn’t go away after the second! Getting to fish these waters is truly an experience like no other, and any fly angler deserves a chance to tangle with some Louisiana Reds! 

Fishing day in and day out on the Louisiana coast presents many different conditions to the angler and the guide. I have owned and fished out of a variety of skiffs down here and have found that none meet all of the standards that my BT3 does. Fishing down here can be completely different from day to day, and versatility is required in my opinion to be successful each day out in the marsh. The BT3 can get super skinny chasing a tailing red or the big tailing black drum while at the same time poling effortlessly and quietly. On the flip side, I know when I need to cross open water I can trust the BT3 to handle chop and provide a dry and comfortable ride to me and my clients. Not only is the BT3 more versatile than any skiff I’ve experienced but the craftsmanship is second to none, no corners are cut in the making of these skiffs and you can really tell right off the bat with every detail. 

If you want a super clean, well made and damn good looking boat Will and Liz are going to fill the order. I cannot count the amount of times I have been stopped and complimented on how good looking and “tight” my BT3 looks. Will and Liz are a pleasure to do business with, I could not imagine better customer service and support. With the quality and versatility of my BT3 and the un-paralleled customer service I’ve received from the Beavertail team I am proud to operate my guiding business out of a Beavertail Skiff and look forward to doing so for many more years.

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