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It Works! I was sold on Beavertail from the first time I fished on Capt. Gregg Mckee`s Beavertail. Of course I did my due diligence in regards to all comparable skiffs, as I`m sure you will, but I picked up my Beavertail Vengeance in March of 2015. In my opinion the “compromise” in this class that everyone speaks of is essentially eliminated with the Vengeance.  Run out to the beach for tarpon/snook in less than ideal conditions and you stay dry, both ways. Effortless, silent poling for tailing fish in inches of water and it tracks magnificently in the stiffest breeze. Nothing proves it`s stealth more than catching a fish a couple of feet from the boat which is not uncommon. Not into slinging flies or tossing lures? The Vengeance baitwell is large enough to hold more than enough bait for a long day on the water. I have, on many occasions, fished two solid days with live bait caught early on the first day. And yes, you can fit two upper slot reds in the Baitwell with bait and have no issues, but there is a large live well for that also. My primary focus is fly-fishing but understandably not everyone enjoys fly-fishing and having such a versatile skiff is imperative for successful days on the water for everyone. Customer service is second to none! You will enjoy doing business with Elizabeth and Will Leslie. Tight Lines.

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We've developed a program with our Pro Team Captains where you can spend a ½ day fishing with one of our guides and experience our skiffs first-hand. If you choose to purchase a Beavertail, we'll credit you the full cost of your charter when ordering!

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