Meet our GuidesCapt. Fred Laagerfrom St. Augustine, FL

North East Florida Fishing guide launching out of St. Augustine, Florida.   I enjoy catching fish and I love seeing others do the same.  I have fished my whole life and have no plans on stopping.  I believe new opportunities and new adventures are around every corner and up every creek bend no matter how small. You only need a boat to get you there.  The Beavertail Mosquito is that ride!

I first saw the Beavertail Mosquito while I was on a 3-day fishing/camping trip in the Mosquito Lagoon.  I was just getting back to the ramp when I saw Will launching 2 of his boats.  I was instantly hooked. The proportions of the boat were excellent and the bow was huge.   Will invited me to climb in and started answering all my questions about the boat’s shallow draft, pole ability, ride, storage, and power. I was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm for our sport. 

Being able to stalk redfish in shallow grass flats and maneuver through oyster beds to hunt tailing redfish is the reason I chose to purchase the Mosquito. Hooking into a broad-shouldered redfish or having a spotted sea trout nail a top water plug are the reasons why we go out on the water every day.   Having Will and Elizabeth make that dream come true is just icing on the cake.

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