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Captain Graham Cotter has been an adventure guide in one way, shape, or form for over 20 years. While he grew up visiting his father in Hilton Head Island he spent the majority of his career in the Florida Keys, South Florida, and the Bahamas. Graham managed private sport fishing operations which required him to learn new fisheries as he travelled to various remote locations – offshore fishing for pelagics, inshore fishing for bonefish, snook and tarpon and diving and spearfishing. But sight fishing the Backcountry flats and creeks were always the favorite.

After evacuating the Florida Keys for Hurricane Irma in 2017 he ended up on Hilton Head Island. Graham had found the Backcountry waters he had always been searching for. The endless variety of salt marsh creeks and flats in the Lowcountry are overwhelming and ever changing with the tide and could never be fully explored.

When not on charter Graham is still on the water everyday keeping his finger on the pulse & scouting new spots.

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