Meet our GuidesCapt. Gregg McKeefrom Pine Island, F

“This boat is too good to be true.”

I still catch myself thinking that every time I’m running a trip in my 2018 Beavertail Vengeance on my home waters off Pine Island, Florida.

I’ve been a full-time flats guide since 1995 and have fished on almost every high-end skiff out there. I know what the competition has to offer these days and most of it is excellent. If you’re in the market for this type of boat that’s great news, and I highly recommend taking a look at all the top builders. That’s what I did back in 2006 and settled on Beavertail. They provided an almost impossible combination of dry ride, shallow draft, and an incredibly reasonable price.  Toss in the amazing customer service and this is the total package.

My 2018 Vengeance is my third Beavertail and probably won’t be my last.  It just does everything right. My clients absolutely love it. The stability, comfort, and storage make it an angler’s dream. Poling after tailing reds off Matlacha or chasing down rolling tarpon near Boca Grande is no effort from the platform or on the trolling motor. This hull really gets my customers on the fish like nothing else I’ve owned. My wife and two kids love being able to toss a day’s worth of beach gear and the dog into the boat and hit the Gulf islands every weekend. Those are the days when my BT is really worth its weight in gold. Best of all, whether you build a new skiff or buy an existing one, you’re instantly part of the Beavertail Family. The company’s owner’s, Will and Elizabeth Leslie, are two of the best people you will ever do business with and getting to know and become friends with them has easily been the highlight of my involvement with BT. I’ve fished these boats from the Caribbean to the Outer Banks and there is no finer shallow water machine out there.

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