Meet our GuidesCapt. Gregg McKeefrom Pine Island, FL

I picked up my new Beavertail BT3 back in November 2011 and have run hundreds of charters on it so far. Since then I’ve noticed something really interesting. Everyone who steps on the skiff for the first time always makes a comment like, ”Wow, this is a great looking boat,” or “I can’t believe how nice this thing runs!”

And when I say everyone, I literally mean every single person.

Over the last twenty years I’ve fished on almost every shallow water boat imaginable. I spent my first decade guiding from a great little Maverick Mirage and then moved on to one of Beavertail’s original B2s. Those were both excellent flats skiffs that got their share of compliments but nothing like my BT3. I don’t think I’ve made it twenty minutes off the dock before one of my anglers will make a remark about this boat. It’s kind of amazing but not really unexpected.

Despite the fact that I was already a Beavertail owner, purchasing a new boat from Aeon Marine was not an automatic choice for me. I looked closely at five other well-known Florida builders who all have very capable 18 foot hulls on the market. I would have been happy with any of their skiffs but only Beavertail hit the bull’s eye on every performance number I wanted with my chosen outboard. Even though cost wasn’t a big issue for me, (I’m far from wealthy but I have good credit and could finance anything,) the BT3 still came in several thousand dollars below its competition.

Best of all, I got to know Aeon/Beavertail’s new owners personally during my boat’s construction and now consider Will and Elizabeth Leslie good friends. They answered every phone call and e-mail I sent them and kept me updated with photos from each phase of the build. As promised, the boat was delivered right on time, just over six weeks after I gave them my first deposit.

This new generation of Beavertail skiffs is an amazing leap forward, especially when it comes to performance, construction, and the quality of their ride. All of my anglers notice it and my BT3 has easily been the best investment I’ve ever made for my charter business.

A great looking skiff is one of the most effective tools a flats guide can have, and running a new Beavertail is the best way to turn first time anglers into lifelong customers. Even my wife was thrilled when I brought home this boat. What could possibly be better than that?

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