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In my search for a technical poling skiff, I was able to find boats that boasted shallow draft, polability, and a dry ride. Unfortunately, with one exception, they weren’t able to deliver all three at the same time. When I found some performance videos online of the Beavertail BT3 I was skeptical. The guide who was shooting the videos was claiming this boat did all the things I was looking for in a skiff. I immediately called him up and spoke to him to find out if what he was claiming was true. I was amazed at the conviction and confidence with which Capt. Greg spoke. I knew this boat had to be something special for him to make the claims he was with videos to back them up. I was still on the fence about whether or not the Beavertail was for me. Once I spoke to Will Leslie at Beavertail/Aeon Marine I knew that I had to take a chance on this boat. Will was so confident in his product that he was willing to build me a boat in less time than any other custom skiff builder could and even drive it the 11hours to me in Baton Rouge.

I have now received my Beavertail BT3 and I can say that all the hype is true. The Friday afternoon Will arrived in town with the skiff, I immediately wanted to get it out on the water. I was ready to test the dry ride that he had been talking about. We got out into an open bay with a stiff 30 mph wind blowing out of the east. I took the boat into the waves, with the waves, and even side sea. I can say without a doubt that the dry ride of BT3 is equivalent to a bay boat! I spend 8 to 9 hours a day push poling as a fly fishing guide so, having a boat that poles easy is a must.

All I can say is that the BT3 is by far the best poling skiff I have ever stepped foot in. The extremely wide deck leaves so much room for my clients to move around and fish in and the stability of the boat is unrivaled. I can say that buying the Beavertail BT3 is the best decision I have ever made for my business and I look forward to years of testing her out.

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