Meet our GuidesCapt. Moe & Eric Newmanfrom Venice, LA

We are a husband and wife team based out of Venice, La.  We were both raised in south la. fishing and enjoying the outdoors our whole life.  Where Capt. Eric grew up fishing along the gulf coast of La., Capt. Moe grew up fishing along the gulf coast of Miss. Capt. Eric’s love for fishing and southern hospitality, soon took him into the restaurant business.  With his years of experience, both on the water and in the kitchen, he is able to bring Journey South’s best of the gulf to our table.  We put both of our passions together to create  Journey South Outfitters. Here we  strive to offer the ultimate saltwater experience.  We have an array of options from offshore fishing to inshore fishing.  Our fleet consist of some of the best brand names in boats, SeaVee and Beavertail!  So there’s no windy day blow outs for us. With our beavertail it allows us to cruise amongst the whindy marsh of south la. to seek out pond after pond and hide below the tall roseau cane in search of the Bull Red! And it preforms just as well on calm days to.  The beavertail BTV has opened up a whole new ball game for us. Unlike having a bay boat the BTV allows us to access areas most can’t.  We fish in ponds that are 8” deep and it is truly a game changer for us.  Eric and I like to focus on technical and fly fishing with our clients. Venice, La. is still a gem not many have discovered and what a better way to discover it then watching yellow fin tuna or redfish blow up on your bait on the surface!!!  After a day on the water we have a nice lodge tucked away in the Roseau Cane, where the southern hospitality awaits you.

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