Meet our GuidesCapt. Peter Scafarufrom New Orleans, LA

I own & operate Marshonthefly guided fly fishing and light tackle adventures in the richest marshlands of North America.  Clients travel from all over to join me to experience the challenge and excitement of watching a huge redfish, black drum or sheepshead slam their fly or lure. There is not a day on the water when I am not amazed at what a great skiff my BT3 is.  It rides super dry in heavy chop and gets me into places where you’d think only a kayak could go.  Every friend and client that has been on board has been impressed with the BT3’s performance and beauty.  I couldn’t have asked for a better boat to fish our vast Louisiana marshes with.

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We've developed a program with our Pro Team Captains where you can spend a ½ day fishing with one of our guides and experience our skiffs first-hand. If you choose to purchase a Beavertail, we'll credit you the full cost of your charter when ordering!

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