Meet our GuidesCapt. Scott Trippfrom New Smyrna Beach, F

I am a full time light tackle and fly fishing guide in the Mosquito Lagoon and my office on the water is a custom made Beavertail Vengeance. In the last twenty years I  have fished from or run almost every flats boat design out there, and this is by far the best looking and finest performing skiff I have ever owned. When it comes to my work boats,  “money is never an option”.  I chose this boat and this boat builder above all others.

I spend over three hundred days a year on the water fishing and guiding anglers of all ages and skill levels, so when I pick a boat to work out of it has to meet and exceed some pretty tough requirements.

First of all in my home waters of Mosquito Lagoon, the average fishing water depth is six to twenty four inches, so polling draft and the ability to track straight and quiet in the wind is paramount.  Weather I am fishing a single fly angler or a party of three my vengeance not only runs skinny but it can float and fish skinny when we get to where the fish live.

Secondly with the innovative hull and bow design, this boat is fast, aircraft carrier stable, and super dry when making long runs or crossing big water bays.  I have found that clients appreciate a dry, smooth and safe ride during and after a long day of fishing.

Third and most importantly the owners of Beavertail Skiffs, Will and Elizabeth Leslie, are dedicated to hard core fishing boats, product innovation, quality control and true customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a boat builder that charges twice as much for half the boat or one that spends time online blogging and running down its competition this is not the company for you.

“These people and this company build great boats at a fair price”. That is all! I am a 100% satisfied Beavertail Vengeance owner and Pro Staff Guide.

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