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The cast, the presentation, the eat, and the fight. Fly fishing is not only a sport, but a perfectly imperfect art form that allows an angler to converse with the fish. The conversations we have with these fish requires a skiff with unparalleled performance. Riddled with shallow flats, wide open bays, and hidden oyster bars, the Everglades requires a shallow drafting skiff that poles effortlessly, but is also able to handle rough water. My BT Mosquito performs exactly how I need it to allowing me to focus on the pursuit of trophy fish. Born and raised in Naples, Florida I have been afforded opportunities that most places can’t offer. As a young boy my father shared his love of the sport with me. It quickly went from a fun time on the water to an all out obsession. Every chance I got I was finding any canal, ditch, lake, or pond until I was finally able to purchase my own boat. Learning the waters throughout Southwest Florida is no easy task, but through determination, exploration with friends, and knowledge from mentors, it all just clicked. The greatest feeling is using these skills to put clients on fish and watching them feed that fish through the simplest form of fishing.

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