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No Compromisies

Located on Florida's west coast in Bradenton - Beavertail Skiffs is owned and operated by Will and Elizabeth Leslie of Aeon Marine, LLC. Together, with their dedicated, seasoned crew of boat craftsman, Will and Liz have created a team skilled in design, tooling, lamination, assembly, rigging and aluminum fabrication that are quietly building the some of the very best shallow water fishing skiffs and flats boats on the planet.

Through consultation and real-world R&D, with some of the very best and seasoned guides in the shallow water industry, Beavertail Skiffs are engineered and built with zero compromises and advanced technology which offers the very best in value, performance, quality, and durability.

Try Their Skiffs and Then Experience Ours

At Beavertail, we encourage potential clients to go out and try the various skiffs on the market and compare them to ours. In doing so, you'll determine which boat and company is the best suited to your lifestyle, places you explore and flavor of fishing. There is truly no better way to disparage the claims manufacturers make than to examine each skiff and its real-world performance - whether it’s the true draft, ability to silently stalk the flats, ease of poling, stability or dryness of the ride.

Our “Try Before You Buy” program was introduced for this very reason and has proven successful over and over. Clients are encouraged to spend a ½ day with a Beavertail Skiff Pro Team Captain to fish and experience first-hand the Beavertail difference. And if you choose to order one of our skiffs, the full cost of your charter will be credited at the time of ordering your custom Skiff.

We Have an Open Door Policy - Come on Over!

Our business is built on an “open door” policy. For those customers fortunate enough to be able to travel to our facility, a "hands-on approach" is welcomed.  We love for our clients to be able to witness their dream skiff come to fruition. And for those a little further out-of-pocket, Will & Elizabeth consult and share every step of the build process to ensure their Beavertail Skiff meets and exceeds their unique specifications and expectations.

We believe that customer service is paramount and we want every one of our owners to feel like they're part of our family. Our crew goes all-out to ensure that every customer from initial contact to the years after purchasing a skiff is a memorable & fulfilling experience!

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