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I started fishing as a teenager in the back waters of southern New Jersey. I expanded my fishing horizons, purchased a larger boat and started fishing the Delaware Bay and off shore grounds from South Jersey to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. After many years of enjoying northern waters  I searched several areas in southwest Florida to extend my  fishing to year round.

With a few fishing trips to Matlacha, Florida we decided to make the area our home.  My larger boat did not suit the waters of my new passion – fishing the flats of Matlacha Pass and Pine Island Sound.

Living, boating and fishing in Florida offers unlimited possibilities. Selecting the best fishing machine for your particular desired fishing destination can be a daunting task. There is a great variety of boats in the area to chose from. My needs were to find a boat that was dry, very stable, great track-ability, shallow draft, easy poling, comfortable ride with no hull slap which would allow me to get into the flats and close to the mangroves I desired to fish. Stability was paramount so clients could move around the bow and gunnels without throwing me off the poling platform. Another consideration was to provide a great environment for my charter guests.

Being fortunate enough to fish on several Beavertail models my mind was made up. I felt the Beavertail BTV would suit all my personal and professional needs. To seal the deal, my fishing wife fell in love with the BTV and supported my decision.

We  went to meet with Elizabeth Leslie to design our dream Beavertail. Several weeks later, under Will Leslie’s watchful eyes and finishing touches we became a proud member of the Beavertail Family.

My wife and I believe in and support Will and Elizabeth and the Beavertail brand. We enjoy attending local boat shows and meeting with potential Beavertail customers, as well as visiting with other Beavertail owners.

I am grateful for all the hours I  have been able to fish, on so many waters, and in so many areas.  It seems I have saved the best for last. Our area has the most beautiful and peaceful waters I have ever found.  I enjoy sharing our fantastic fishery and breathtaking bounty with my guests.  A beautiful day, a beautiful boat, and great fishing – welcome to Paradise.

Capt. Chuck Downes
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