Meet our GuidesCapt. Danny Clarkfrom Little Torch Key, FL

I operate Torch Key Charters out of Little Torch Key, FL. I specialize in sight fishing for tarpon, permit and bone fish in the Lower Florida Keys on both fly and spin tackle.

There were many factors involved in deciding on a skiff to operate my business out of. Just like anywhere else, we are not blessed with constant ideal conditions here in the Lower Florida Keys, and guiding for a living doesn’t allow me to stay home on those less than perfect days. I have many long open water runs that I have to make throughout the day to get from spot to spot – so a dry, comfortable ride for my customers and myself was a must.  Additionally, I needed a shallow draft skiff that poles quietly and easily. I can’t say enough about the way this skiff handles rough water, you just put the bow down and let it eat – it’s dry and comfortable. And I can pole as shallow as needed to get to any school of bone fish that I come across.  I also have to mention the storage space and the layout of the storage boxes. You can see right away that someone who fishes designed the layout of this boat. There is ample storage for all of my and my client’s gear in the storage boxes and having the bench seat forward and not over the storage boxes is priceless. I can access anything, anywhere in this skiff in a second and completely hassle free. The BTV doesn’t disappoint in any category.

wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Beavertail Vengeance to anyone in the market for a flats skiff. In my opinion it is the perfect boat to suit my needs.  If you’re in the market, you owe it to yourself to check out the perfect Beavertail Skiff – you’ll be glad you did.

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