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Meet our GuidesCapt. Jason Dail from Wilmington, NC

As a charter captain looking to capitalize and fill a void in the fishing industry in NC, I sought out boat manufacturer’s that could make a skiff stealth and light enough to fish our shallow water bays, yet large and dry enough to handle long runs through rough water. After months of research and countless hours on the phone with numerous skiff manufacturers I finally decided to join the elite fishermen who make their living from the cockpit of a Beavertail. Having previous experience with the older model Beavertail’s, I knew the quality of the Lightning line and needed little persuasion when it came time to purchase. The boat is ultra quiet with minimal to no hull slap, poles and tracks true and with ease, fishes dry and comfortable and has enough dry storage to accommodate all my gear as well as my clients. If you are in the market for a new shallow water skiff, I highly recommend you consider Beavertail skiffs.

I operate Silver Spoon Charters guide service in Wilmington NC and specialize in shallow water light tackle and fly fishing. If you are interested in purchasing a Beavertail skiff, and live in close proximity to Wilmington, please drop me a line and let’s arrange a demo ride. I assure you won’t be disappointed! Happy Fishing!

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We've developed a program with our Pro Team Captains where you can spend a ½ day fishing with one of our guides and experience our skiffs first-hand. If you choose to purchase a Beavertail, we'll credit you the full cost of your charter when ordering!

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