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Meet our GuidesCapt. Tim Carver from Beaufort, SC

I’m Captain Tim, owner and operator of Tight Lines Unlimited. I have guided for the last eight years but have been fishing most of my life. Fishing is my passion. My passion is now my full time job. When I’m not fishing with clients I am scouting new locations for my next trip. I welcome anglers of all experience levels, beginners to the seasoned pro.

Tight Lines Unlimited offers fly or spin fishing for Redfish, Cobia, Sea Trout, Tarpon, Flounder, Triple Tail and sometimes Shark. My desire is to educate others on the joys of fishing whether you are a hardcore angler or a family just getting involved with the sport and wanting to spend the day on the water. I look forward to fishing with you. USCG Certified and insured.

I picked up my Beavertail Vengeance a few months ago and I just love the skiff from bow to stern. Very thought out design. After owning several shallow water skiffs I’ve finally found what I  have ben waiting for with this ride and performance. Here in the Lowcountry Beaufort SC we have a huge tide ebb and flow twice a day from super low to a normal 6-7 ft rise.. When we get the flood tide, strong winds or new moon that tide can rise to 9 1/2 ft. I spend most of my days in a few inches of water up to maybe 3ft either poling in the grass or polling and working a mud flat. Sometimes when I move to a new location I have to cross some open water on the inter coastal waterway . When there is a little wind and the tide is moving it can make for some serious chop. This skiff eats all that like it was a bay boat not a technical inshore flats boat that you can only take out in decent weather. This is the Swiss Army of skiffs, a do it all type of rig.

If you are looking to purchase a Beavertail Vengeance and want to see how it rides and fishes we can set you up on a half day trip. I love to talk fishing and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Vengeance or about fishing in general.

Thank You
Captain Tim Carver

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We've developed a program with our Pro Team Captains where you can spend a ½ day fishing with one of our guides and experience our skiffs first-hand. If you choose to purchase a Beavertail, we'll credit you the full cost of your charter when ordering!

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