Meet our OwnersAl C.from Tuscaloosa, AL

Meeting you Elizabeth, Will and Eric was an absolute pleasure! Your operation is impressive, and the hospitality was delightful. We thoroughly enjoyed the Shop Tour.

Eric was patient and thorough on the introduction to the boat and shakedown cruise.

Dedra and I went out the following day, launching at a Sarasota Public Launch. We first went randomly south to Siesta key, caught a few small Snapper on Clousers; then cruised north, past Lido Key and then along Longboat Key, where we happened upon a pod of Dolphin. They indulged us by allowing us to idle around with them for a while. As we ran on north, we found a group of boats anchored up, people sunbathing and drinking beer, so we joined them for a bit. Great day. With all that, I consider the boat properly christened!

We have since had the boat out in local water on Lake Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Alabama, it’s a joy to ride visiting friends and heading out early for Specs, and then Bonito.

So often it seems that with a custom order such as this, everything  just doesn’t work out 100%. But with my Beavertail, everything is exactly as we discussed during our multiple emails and phone calls during the planning and ordering process. Overall quality is outstanding, and I would not change anything. Thanks so much for a wonderful boat!

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