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Meet our OwnersBen & Larry (father) D.from Charleston, SC

I spent several years eyeing the 18’ Vengeance. When it was finally time to upgrade from my 17′ Mitzi, my father and I planned a road trip to visit Will and Elizabeth in Bradenton, Fl. For me, it didn’t take much more than an introduction to Beavertail’s manufacturing facility to be sold on my new Beavertail Vengeance, but my father was equally impressed! He had no prior plans to buy a new flats boat but after exploring one of Beavertail’s shallow water machines in person, he couldn’t let the opportunity to own a dream boat pass him by. Perhaps it was his retirement years steadily approaching or maybe it was the fact that he didn’t want to have to use an excuse every time I out fished him in my new skiff. Either way, the boats speak for themselves and we shared in the excitement of designing our own signature Beavertails.

We soon discovered that buying a new Beavertail is merely the beginning of the journey. The customization and build of your new boat will create an excitement that lasts far beyond the first time you put it in the water. Will and his team are true artists, with a passion for their hull designs that are partly inspired by each and every customer. My father and I are proud to own the art that is a Beavertail skiff.

Caution: People will stare and ask questions every time you pull into a gas station or landing. You may grow tired of telling them about the driest, most comfortable shallow draft boat on the water.

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