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I’m writing this testimonial in jest hoping that everyone can relate to the humor here.  Because I think I’m about to become the first person on planet earth to say something “not so nice” about Beavertail Skiffs .  I did the research before I bought a boat from them – we all do the same thing.  There seem to be a lot of quality-minded people buying their boats and only good testimonials about them out on the web.  A word of caution – be careful with these boats and understand what you’re getting yourself into.  They are a double-edge sword.

The delivery experience for my new boat far exceeded my expectations.  The 18Air is an amazing machine that can truly do it all without sacrificing anything.  We’ve all heard that some capability or “want” always needs to be sacrificed in a boat.  Don’t believe everything you hear or read.  Creativity solves problems.

The pain associated with the “other edge of the sword” started on my 2nd or 3rd outing and has continued to resonate since that time.  It struck me hard.  With this boat and the way she’s equipped, there can be no more lame excuses for not having fun on the water or hammering the fish – the excuses literally don’t hold water anymore (and we’ve all used them at some low point in our lives or laughed at others doing it) – “my boat’s ride is too wet and bumpy to make that trip”, “my boat’s too noisy in the water and the fish hear it coming a mile away”, “my boat’s too much to handle by myself”, “my boat won’t get into that shallow area without getting stuck”, “my boat broke down the last time I had her out”, “my boat’s too slow”, etc …

So here’s my complaint.  Are you ready?  Here goes.  If I have a bad day on the water now, the only things I can blame are myself or my own limitations as a fisherman and it doesn’t feel very good – time to step up my game.  Thanks Will and Elizabeth!

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