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Meet our OwnersCapt. Hunter & Whitney B.from St. Mary's, GA

Growing up in Ocean City Maryland, my dream was to have a career near the coast. That dream came true and today I’m serving my 14th year in the US Coast Guard.  I’ve been around boats of all sizes and have had the opportunity to fish all different fisheries all along the Texas, Florida, and Georgia coast.

I’m proud to say I have owned three Beavertail skiffs with each one being built custom for each location where I live. After meeting my wife, Whitney, and moving to Georgia, we decided to upgrade to the new Vengeance in 2015.   The new layout and seating arrangement are great features for us along the Georgia coast. 

With no hesitation we contacted Will and Liz at Beavertail Skiffs and reached out to our friends in the beavertail family who brought new ideas to customize the options for the new Vengeance.  We truly enjoyed every minute of the building process.   Liz took the time to work with Whitney on color ideas and Will went out of his way to make sure every detail was perfected.   They were kind enough to take the time to update us on the build process by sending us photos as our boat came to life.  It was really fun to see our Vengeance coming together. 

Every model of the Beavertail skiff has its purpose to fulfill a vast variety of personal tastes.   We chose the Vengeance model because of its new deck, storage, and how stable the skiff performs in open water.   The exceptionally dry riding hull is a true blessing when crossing the sound when a front blows in.  Knowing the quality and structural integrity that Will and his team at beavertail have put into every detail from start to finish of the skiff is why we love working with Beavertail Skiffs.   It is one of the finest skiffs on the market today with clean lines, a simple layout, and huge storage capacity, this skiff is truly a pleasure for both family outings and fishing without the headache of trailering or managing the up keep of a bay boat.

We have enjoyed working with Will and Liz every step of the way with such a great family oriented business.  Customer service is second to none.  Keep up the great work!

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