Meet our OwnersDarrin D.from Miami, FL

Am I a satisfied customer? No. I am a thrilled customer! I researched over ten boat builders in my search for the perfect skiff and could not be happier with the decision to build a BT Strike with the team from Beavertail. Liz and Will were patient, informative, and committed to ensuring that the build experience was not only enjoyable, but memorable for me and my daughter. Yes, I am passionate about shallow water fishing and this skiff performs as promised. From poling my favorite flats for bones and permit to getting lost in the Everglades chasing reds and hunting snook, the Strike is everything that was promised and more. However, the best thing about this boat isn’t the fishing or the hidden spots I can reach; it’s the memories I’m creating for me and my daughter.

Thank you Liz and Will. You have customers for life!