Meet our OwnersDetlef & Cheryl Hfrom Naples, FL

For Cheryl and I, the decision to buy our 2017 Mosquito came after meeting with Aeon Marine owners, Liz and Will at Bonita Springs and Ft. Myers boat shows. Having left the inshore and offshore fishing of coastal GA & SC behind, we traded flats and back-country kayak fishing soon after settling in SW FL.

Discovering this diverse and more simplistic type fishing satisfied our desire for relaxed recreation, so we began looking at appropriate boats to replace our kayaks. This is where the amiable conversations and easy-going nature of Liz and Will came into play.

Their boats speak for themselves as far as aesthetics, function and value; but the passion for their craft, attentiveness to customer satisfaction and relaxed, “family-member” persona put them above the others. Fishing and exploring skinny waters near home is our preferred way to enjoy the beauty of this part of Florida.

Cheers to all, Det & Cheryl

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