Meet our OwnersErik S.from McQueeney, TX

Beavertail is more than just a boat company; it’s a family. You will realize this very quickly when you make your first contact with Elizabeth, the owner. She will patiently guide you through the entire process and make sure you get the boat you want and need. Out of all the companies I called I picked Beavertail because I felt like they truly cared and it showed through the entire build process. What truly separates good companies from great companies is service after the sale. This is where Beavertail have truly won me over.

Back here in Texas I decided to convert my Micro skiff from tiller to side console and contacted the factory, they patiently helped me the entire way by taking videos and pictures to show me step by step how to install the console. They even sent me parts at no charge to help me with this process! From start to finish Beavertail have been exceptional and I will never buy a boat from anyone else. I’m proud to rock my Beavertail gear and proud to represent their company on the water here in Texas!