Meet our OwnersLee W.from Port Orange, FL

When I was looking for a flat skiff I spent over a year researching the best fit for me.  Hell’s Bay, Maverick and Beavertail were on my short list. After studying all the boats and talking to all three boat builders, I chose Beavertail. They invited me to the shop and gave me a tour of the facility and answered all my questions and never tried to rush or push me in any direction. They were genuinely interested what I wanted out of my boat. I had concerns about wiring, accessibility, and quality of all the products and I really wanted it to look good too. Now that I have my skiff, I am amazed at the compliments I receive and how much my boat stands out.                                                

What really impressed me was they told me they could design and build anything that I wanted as long as it did not effect the structure of the boat. In July 2014 they built me a beautiful 18’ Vengeance… I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. The attention to detail was impressive…down to even where you could see that all the screws turned in the same direction. Later, after I’d had my boat, I had a couple of issues with the trolling motor and the engine itself. I realize it was not anything they did, it was the product itself. Regardless, Will asked me to bring it back and they took care of it.

Not only did they fix the problems but they upgraded my trolling motor batteries at their expense. When I went to pick my boat up Will had just finished washing and drying it.  It’s that kind of care that will keep me coming back for many years to come.  Their customer service by itself is worth it. Hands down you’ll get more value for your money.

I would not hesitate to build another boat from Beavertail. Thanks!

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