Meet our OwnersMark G.from Miami, FL

I previously had a 2010 Beavertail Vengeance,  I liked the hull so much I had decided to have a new one built last year. First off, Will and Liz were extremely patient with all the little specific things I wanted – such as the custom tape job on the deck, the awlgrip deck in a flat finish, the custom padding in the seat – in other words – I was extremely picky and specific.

Regarding the boat – it came out great, but the hull is crazy good. There is no other boat I know of that has the combination of great draft, stability, pole ability and rough water capability. I think it is a really unique combination. The boat tracks so well on the pole and even as configured can get in 8″ of water. I love seeing smaller boat owners up on a flat watching me pole up there – they look confused, like I shouldn’t be able to do that! Everyone that gets on the boat is amazed at all it can do and how well it does it at the end of a day.

The Suzuki 90 is a great match for this boat – it is silky smooth and extremely economical. With the 4 blade prop it gets out of the hole in about 2 boat lengths. I cruise at 29 to 34 mph with 2 guys, a full tank, 80volt troller with 2 batteries and casting platform.

All in all, I think the Vengeance is sort of a hidden gem – not that many people really know how great a boat it is until they get on it. I sort of think of it as somewhere between a true technical poling skiff, and a larger more open water boat. I don’t think there is another boat out that that sits between the 2 categories as well as the Vengeance.

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