Meet our OwnersMatt P.from New Smyrna Beach, FL

I am a regular outdoors man that loves to hunt and fish. I was in market for new vessel when a friend Capt. Hunter Bounds introduced me to his new Beavertail  Btv. I Happen to be in the market for boat and loved his. After  more discussion and one more boat ride I was ready to pull the trigger. We set an appointment to visit Liz and Will at the beavertail skiffs factory to go over build. I asked what options I had and the answer I received from them was the sky is the limit. You’re the designer and we are the builders they said. So wow my eyes lit up and stomach dropped. I knew my budget and I had some sort of idea things I wanted on my boat.

They worked side by side with me putting my one of a kind build on paper. After a 3 hour meeting i was set for it to be built. I left that day with good feeling but hesitated in ordering it.  They encouraged me to take a week to study and tweak my ideas so the design would fit me. So i did. The best part was the costumer service. The next 3 long nights were building my dream skiff at home without sleeping. i called Liz 5 times and Will 3 times for questions and they stopped what they where doing answered their phones and walked me through it. The Beavertail team makes you feel important. Day or night they stood behind their promises and followed through with every detail. Being in sales myself, I must say, they meet all standards of great customer service. It was truly not only easy process but headache free.

I can’t say enough about their great support. And last but not least, after only two weeks, I scratched my hull badly. I called Will for advice and by the end of the week it was repaired and beautiful again. My boat is now over a year old and I will never forget the great experience I had when purchasing my Vengeance. Now I know why customers say they feel part of the Beavertail family.

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