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Meet our OwnersNathan W.from Brunswick, GA

I’m no stranger to flats boats, in fact, this is my third skiff.   I can tell you without equivocation, this is the finest flats boat I’ve ever owned, Hells Bay included.  There were a couple of things were immediately apparent within the first hour on the water:

  1. Everything was exactly where it should be. From the dry locker right behind the bench seat (able to access without getting up!) to the bench seat being the perfect height so as not to be uncomfortable while running.
  2. Attention to detail on everything. From the pop-up cleats and navigation lights to the smooth casting deck.
  3. Its speed. Fully loaded with a fishing buddy we topped out at over 26 mph. Absolutely incredible with only a 30 hp Evinrude.
  4. Polling was seriously effortless. I was able to pole directly into a 15 knot wind with virtually no effort. The narrow beam directly into the wind reduce the wind drag to virtually nil. Truly unbelievable.
  5. Dry ride. We had a 15-20 knot wind with white caps in the back river. Ran at full speed, trimmed slightly up and never got wet!
  6. Virtually no slip when taking sharp turns at full speed. Dang!
  7. It truly does poll in 4 inches fully loaded!
  8. The fit and finish is unparalleled.

I’m a pretty critical guy when it comes to boats, and I’m really quick at finding problems with every boat I’ve ever owned. I can honestly say I have zero complaints. You guys really thought thru everything and clearly heeded the advice and feedback of your guides. Your (and Will’s!) hard work and attention to detail, while evident on the shore and at first glance, shines on the water.
This boat is clearly not for everyone, but, for those that want to truly fish skinny, need a little speed to get to your spots, and want total (and effortless) control polling, Beavertail Skiffs is the perfect solution.

I really couldn’t be happier. Thanks again for all your hard work. You and Will do incredible work, and I look forward to spreading the word over on the coast of Georgia. Please feel free to share this email and my contact information for a reference. And, sorry for the long winded email, just thought you guys should know.

Thanks again.

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