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Meet our OwnersRob & Bob (father) S.from Boca Raton, FL

I knew the moment my dad (Bob) stepped off Capt. Rocky’s BT Elite after fly fishing for giant redfish in Lousiana and said…”I like that boat Rob, I like that boat a lot”…that a Beavertail would be attached to our Tahoe hitch sooner than later.   And several months later, my wife Brenda and I were stepping into the Beavertail shop, ready to pick out the model and color…it was an amazing experience.  First of all, Will and Liz are a terrific family…they are personable, caring and very very good at what they do.  I know, like all of you Beavertail owners, several emails we all sent to Liz on console setups, rigging etc, especially as the build got closer to the “critical times”…and she answered them promptly and with the utmost professionalism.

When my dad and brother Mike flew down for the anticipated delivery, my wife and kids hopped in the truck and we all headed to Bradenton…when we arrived, I must say, it was an emotional feeling…to see the final product shiny and all complete sitting in the showroom…what a sight…

And then the moment of truth…dad’s leaning post on the front casting deck…well…up he went, was measured like he was getting a fine Italian suit tailored for the perfect fit, re-welded on site and installed…all done in 30 minutes!!!  That’s what you get with Beavertail!!!

As for the boat…well…we fish many different types of waters on the east coast of Florida and the Florida Keys…fly fishing for big snook at night on the bridges in Stuart FL requires a boat that can accommodate a forward and aft fly fisherman, and enough maneuverability with the trolling motor around the bridges after a big snook inhales your fly and tries to take you under the bridge pilings…awesome!!!

We work our way down to Key Biscayne and North Key Largo…tarpon on fly is our target…so at night we need the same boat to hook those big tarpon at the bridges…and then in the dawn make the 20 mile run south past  Sands Key, Elliot Key through Caesar Creek and out onto the oceanside flats for migrating tarpon…to have this boat to get us down there, safe, dry and with the most comfort in a flats skiff…is amazing.

And, for permit and bonefish on fly…yes…I never thought an 18 foot skiff would pole the way this boat poles…and shallow???  C’mon…it’s crazy…

Then there are just those Sunday’s when we wanna just be on the water with the kids, the dogs etc…and it is so nice to have the room and the comfort…The BTV is a truly versatile skiff for our family…

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