Meet our OwnersRobert D.from Tampa, FL

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to design, build and buy a Beavertail Mosquito.  After using the boat for several months, my expectations have been exceeded – Beavertail designs and builds great boats, with attention to the details. I started out looking at several manufacturers and was sold on a Beavertail after visiting the production facility, and learning about the buying process from Liz and Will.  Everything from my first inquiry, through owning the boat for two months, have exceeded my expectations.  Liz, Will, and Eric made a sincere effort to understand me and helped me build a boat that I could never have found anywhere else.  The boat is perfect for me due to their collaboration with me, and I can’t thank them enough.

The Mosquito runs like it has a purpose, it is smooth, runs dry and efficiently with the 60hp Suzuki. It loves skinny water and is easy to pole (and easy to move with the trolling motor) and it is quiet.  Leaving it up to me to practice – Zen and the Art of Being Stealth.  The boat trailers well.  With the optional breakaway trailer, it fits in my garage based just on the length of the boat (with overhanging motor and PowerPole) – the trailer itself adds no length.

My first road trip, from Tampa to Islamorada.  Day one, covered the Atlantic side and inshore flats.  Several great shots at bonefish.  Day two, the BT Mosquito showed off its range and fuel efficiency, and we explored a 5×5 mile section of Everglades National Park.  Running, exploring, hit spots, moving fast and working across flats.

Thanks, Will and Liz for helping me get the perfect tool for me. I can’t wait to get back out in the water.

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