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Meet our OwnersTyler D.from Fort Myers, FL

Seeing that this was my first skiff, I was a little nervous at first about creating a custom skiff with a blank hull as my canvas. Liz and Will put my mind at ease with both prompt and clear communication, allowing me to put every personal detail that I could possibly imagine into my Strike. My skiff was built in a fraction of time that it would have taken other builders to complete, without sacrificing any quality whatsoever. 

Not only is my Strike easy on the eyes, it also performs like none other. I can spend the mornings poling the skinniest of flats looking for tailing redfish to running traps offshore in search of tripletail without a worry of getting stranded on a flat or getting wet while navigating big open water. I have spent fall days chasing schools of bonito in the shipping channels of Tampa Bay without taking a single wave over the bow. I have put this boat through hell exploring remote bays in the Everglades and my skiff still looks as gorgeous as the day I picked it up from Beavertail. This skiff poles silently, eats up chop, and can jump up in very skinny water. After owning my skiff for almost two years, I can honestly say that there has not been an ecosystem/situation that it has failed me in.

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