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We cannot say enough good things about Beavertail. When we first started our build Elizabeth was so helpful with explaining the differences between the skiff models and all the options that can be added to each skiff. Throughout the entire build of our Mosquito, Elizabeth & the team were very easy to talk with and remained very helpful. Once the boat was complete and was being shipped to Texas, the driver accidentally ran over some debris that was unavoidable on the highway. Beavertail took the boat back, fixed the damaged trailer fender and rub rail, and had the boat back on the road to Texas in a day!

The quality and detail in this skiff is amazing. Friends that own other poling skiffs are blown away when they see this Mosquito and how nice of a boat it is. The performance of the skiff is just as exceptional too. The Mosquito is the perfect poling skiff for Texas. I have no hesitations about taking this boat out on windy days or long trips across the bay. The ride of the mosquito is so comfortable and we do not feel beat up after a long day of fishing. The shallow water performance of this boat is also amazing. To reach some of the fishing areas in Texas we have to run very shallow and the mosquito has no problem doing it. I have driven our Mosquito into the shallow back lakes many times and it performs flawlessly. We have no problems poling right up to Redfish or Black Drum and getting well within casting range. We are so happy with our Beavertail Mosquito and how it performs.

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